Terms of Use


Dear Client, the following general Contract conditions regulate the ONLINE vending service of CDs and MP3s produced and distributed by Soc. Canaria di A.Guzzo & Co. S.a.S. located at Via Santa Lucia no. 20, NAPLES 80132 - ITALY. The Soc. Canaria conducts its online vending business in compliance with Italian laws and regulations, promulgated to protect customers of online shopping services (Legislative Decree no. 70/03; Legislative Decree no. 185/99; Legislative Decree no.50/92); and Italian Privacy Acts (Law no. 675/96; Legislative Decree no. 196/03).

Parties to this Contract and Client’s right to withdraw.

The general contractual conditions contained herein govern the commercial relationship existing between Canaria di A. Guzzo & Co. S.a.S., headquartered in Naples, Italy, at Via Santa Lucia no. 20, NAPLES, ITALY 80132 – V.A.T. no. 01343140636 – and any user of the online vending service of Canaria products through the www.nuovacanaria.com website.

The client agrees to insert true, correct, and complete data in the product purchasing form in order to execute the contract, and assumes full responsibility for any damages that may be caused by providing inaccurate data.

The client shall pay for the CDs and MP3s ordered as established in the product purchasing form "ACQUISTA". After the client has paid for the product ordered and Canaria receives confirmation of the payment, Canaria will ship the CDs in conformity with the terms and conditions indicated in the "ACQUISTA" form. Payments made by credit card are protected and guaranteed by BANKPASS, a company belonging to the SANPAOLO BANCO DI NAPOLI group. The BANKPASS system encrypts information in order to assure safety and privacy of data inserted. Payments made by credit card are protected and guaranteed by BANKPASS-SANPAOLO BANCO DI NAPOLI: in fact, the credit card transaction is processed and closed directly on the bank’s server. Payment done this way allows the holder of the credit card to safely provide personal, sensitive data (credit card number, date of expiration, name, etc.) directly to the bank rather than to our online vending business or to the server provider that runs our vending business. Moreover, the Bank takes care of forwarding the data to the international authorization and verification systems of each individual credit card issuers, and informs the credit card payment terminal that the transaction has been successfully accomplished. Eventually, the client views a page that provides information on the successful accomplishment of the transaction. For more detailed information on how credit card payments are protected, go to the following website www.sis-bankpass.it. In furtherance to what has been explained above, the client may exercise the right to withdraw from the contract, but is required to do so no later than ten days after receiving the products ordered.

Conditions of use of website www.nuovacanaria.com

By accessing this website, you explicitly agree to accept the conditions of use. If you do not accept the conditions of use, please refrain from accessing the website. CANARIA reserves the right to modify, vary, augment or cancel any part of the conditions of use at any time and at its own discretion. If you continue to access the nuovacanaria.com website after any amendments, made to the condition of use, are registered (including the privacy policy on the nuovacanaria.com website) this will be intended as acceptance of the new conditions of use.

Limitations of use of website content.

Canaria S.a.S. di A. Guzzo & Co. (hereinafter referred to as "CANARIA") owns and manages this website. All content included on this website, such as images, graphics, audio and video clips, is copyright protected, owned and controlled by CANARIA or by third-party licensees who have made their materials available to CANARIA. Moreover, all logos, trade names, and brand names, mentioned in this website are owned by CANARIA and/or the pertinent licensees.

The client is allowed to utilize the content on this website only for non-commercial purposes or for personal use. The client acknowledges and accepts that copying, reproducing, re-publishing, transmitting, communicating, forwarding, or distributing in any way the materials contained on this website is prohibited. Modifying or utilizing the materials on this website in any other manner is prohibited. Any modification of the website’s materials or any misuse of the same is an infringement of copyright and intellectual property laws.

Using the materials posted on this website for any purposes different than those specified above must be explicitly approved in advance and in writing by CANARIA. CANARIA is unable to screen all the websites linked to nuovacanaria.com, and consequently CANARIA cannot be held liable for the contents of such other websites. Links to other websites are provided only for reasons of convenience. Access to other websites is done at the client’s own risk and discretion.


Please forward to CANARIA any suggestions or observations you may have regarding the products that are sold on this website. Should the client forward any materials, this shall be construed as an express authorization to use or post the materials in any manner desired and at no cost to CANARIA.

Information to the public

CANARIA does not assume responsibility for any materials forwarded by clients through this website to chat rooms, newsletters, forums (hereinafter referred to as "Forums"). The client releases and holds harmless CANARIA against any damages he may incur from publication or transmission of materials when done by the client himself in violation of the provisions of law, or the conditions of use of this website.



Final Notice

The conditions of use contained herein shall be interpreted and be subject to provisions of Italian law. Except to the extent prohibited by law, the resolution of any disputes arising out of the validity, interpretation, and fulfillment of the general condition of use is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the Courts of Naples – Italy. All soc. Canaria products are made in compliance with provisions of Italian law and, therefore; soc. Canaria cannot be held liable in any way if, for any reason whatsoever, Canaria products do not comply with laws of Countries foreign to the European Community.