Who We Are

Born in 1945, Canaria is an independent publishing house, which has been working in the music industry since its merger with Dott. Augusto Guzzo’s Studio 7. Its head office is in one of the most famous areas of Naples, via Santa Lucia 20, just a short walk from the well-known Piazza Plebiscito, the Royal Palace, and the seafront. Besides its discographic success, Canaria stands out for its professional competence in the music publishing and the DOR (Opere Drammatiche e Opere Radiotelevisive) section as well.

Especially in the 80s, Canaria engaged partnerships with some of the most prestigious independent and multinational record companies as well as the leading national ones. In those occasions, some of their famous artists recorded successful products in Canaria’s well equipped studios. Several national and international artists joined its crew, such as P. Perez Prado, Renato Zero, Pino Daniele, Roberto Murolo, Nicola Arigliano, Edoardo Bennato, Nino D'Angelo, Ruben Calzado, among others.

The coming of the 90s brought a new era, Canaria decided to focus on its own production, giving birth to a long series of distribution agreements as well as licensing its music all over the world. International producers, mainly coming from the South East of Asia, are considered to be among its most important partners. Several Canaria productions have been on the international markets of South America, such as Brazil and Argentina, and also South Korea, Taiwan, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany ever since.

In 1997, Canaria was awarded the prestigious "Diploma and Golden Medal" by the S.I.A.E's Presidency (Italian Society of Authors and Editors) for its long and glorious activity.

Thanks to its exclusive record and publishing production, its analogical and digital recording studios, its high standards longing for endless updating, as well as its highly qualified employees, Canaria is today well known worldwide and distributed by Orchard Enterprises NY, Inc. and Believe SAS on the largest music portals such as iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Spotify, Napster.

Besides the record activity, Canaria from over 20 years puts its own recording Studios available for the Justice collaborating with the Studio Fonico Guzzo for sound consultancies and important phonic survey assignments for various Anti-Mafia Prosecutor’s Offices and Criminal Courts throughout the country.