[CD] Cofanetto Jerry Lee Lewis

Artist: Jerry Lee Lewis

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CD 1
Big Bloní Baby
Rockí ĎN Roll Ruby
Iím Sorry, Iím Not Sorry
Ubangi Stomp
Itíll Be Me
Milkshake Mademoiselle
Baby Baby Bye Bye
Break Up
It Wonít Happen With Me
Liviní Loviní Wreck
Your Loviní Ways
Crazy Arms
Iíll Make it Up To You
Lets Talk About Us
CD 2
It Hurt Me So
As Long As I Live
Howís My Ex Treating You
I Canít Seem To Say Godbye
Iíll Sail My Ship Alone
Set My Mind At Ease
Seasons Of My Heart
It All Depends
Slippiní Around
Night Train To Memphis
Big Legged Woman
Rockiní With Red
Sixty Minute Man
Iíve Been Twisting
Teenage Letter

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